Monday, May 24, 2010

Harry Potter FanArt III (couples/parejas)

This is my last Harry Potter post BY NOW. All of the characters are heavily based on the movie characters - which is the cool thing - I guess.
Este es mi último post de Harry Potter POR AHORA. Todos los personajes están basados en los personajes de las películas - que es lo bacano.
Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy.
I just realize they've never been shown together.
Me acabo de dar cuenta que a estos nunca los han mostrado juntos.
Hagrid and Madame Maxime.
I really don't know the reason I ended up drawing the Madame Maxime from the Goblet of Fire movie... she's hideous. I expected her to be a bit... I dunno, prettier I suppose.
La verdad no se por qué terminé dibujando a la Madama Maxime de la película del Cáliz de Fuego... es asquerosa. Yo me la imaginaba un poco - no se - más linda, creo.And finally... everyone's favorite Death Eaters... Bellatrix and Snape. I like Bellatrix's face, I like the result; I don't like Snape's much.
Y finalmente... los Mortífagos preferidos de todos... Bellatrix y Snape. Me gustó como quedó la cara de Bellatrix, no me convenció mucho la de Snape.


  1. Oh wow!! These are brilliant!! I'm so glad you alerted me to your blog- I'll add a link to you if you don't mind. I really love your style!

    I can't choose a favorite, these are all wonderful and so true to the characters!

  2. It's a pleasure you add my link, katie. Thank u so, so, so much.

  3. The pleasure is all mine! Your art is lovely. :)

  4. These are awesome! I really love the Snape and Madame Maxime! You captured everyone so well! :)